Keep that copper tape tidy!

If you have ever used copper tape with kids, you know what a rat's nest it can become very quickly.  And no one wants to try to salvage and use the messy parts!  So, use this trick to keep your copper tape in line!

itb copper tape.jpg


You will need:

  • Copper tape roll
  • Zipper baggie
  • Two pieces of cardboard
  • A brass fastener or rivet


Get a zipper baggie that is big enough to hold your roll.  Our copper tape at itb won't fit in a quart sized, so we send along a bag that will fit it.  

We are going to sandwich the tape between two pieces of cardboard and punch the fastener through them to give the tape something to twist around and keep our tension.  

copper tape sandwich.jpg

Put the whole thing in a baggie and thread the copper tape through the top.  Anytime you need some, just pull out what you need and snip it off!

Caty WolfeComment