Light Up Thank You Note

Have you ever wanted to let some one know just how thankful you are?  Take that thank you note and kick it up a notch with lights!

Chibitronics circuit stickers were made for paper crafting and are flat and have a built in resistor so there is no need to worry about LED colors cohabitating on your circuit.  I highly recommend checking out Chibitronics website for more templates and advanced techniques, but here is what I have used to make a simple card.

If Chibitronics are not in the budget, you can use SMD LEDs, or surface mount LEDs, instead.  You just need to make sure to use one color per circuit so they all glow.  For more info on that issue, check out our post on the Tips and Tricks Page.



Take a regular sized piece of cardstock and fold it in quarters to make a card.  Mark which side is the front and which side you want the circuit on.

Draw your design while thinking about what element you would like to light up.








Add in a battery holder or just use a binder clip.

Mark where your LEDs are going to go by holding up your paper to the window.

Create train tracks that will allow you to put the circuit sticker across them where you marked.


Add in your battery, some stickers, fold it up, and viola!