Copper Tape 50m roll

Copper Tape 50m roll

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Copper Tape, aka Slug Tape, has many uses, but our favorite is making circuits!  1/4" or 5mm width is standard for all of our Imagination Toolbox projects.  This roll has 50 meters of tape that is thicker and sturdier than most copper tape on the market. It also has double guided conductive adhesive, which means you can patch a lead or add a bit if you decide to extend your circuit! You will find the superior quality is rugged enough to stand up to kids practicing folding corners!


  • 5mm width
  • 50m length (compare to 15m rolls at leading retailers!)
  • Super thick and rugged
  • Will stand up to soldering
  • Conductive Adhesive

Now offering our own innovative copper tape dispenser to keep your tape tidy!  Laser cut design made from recycled cardboard is a must have addition to your paper circuit supplies!

Tape Dispenser:
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