Pinbox 3000

Pinbox 3000


Cardboard Teck Instantute and The Imagination Toolbox have teamed up!

The PinBox 3000 is a cardboard tabletop pinball kit that can be built, customized, and designed by YOU!  Teck out your Pinbox with our very own Teck Pack!

To order the Pinbox 3000 Party Pack, go to and use discount code IMAGINATIONTOOLBOX for 10% off today!  That makes it $405 for 10, which is $40.50 each!  Discount only valid if you order through Cardboard Teck's site!  Check it out!

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The PinBox 3000 is a cardboard tabletop pinball kit.  Each game comes with 39 essential die-cut parts and everything you need to build your PinBox 3000.  No tools required.  The kit includes two interchangeable play boards for you to customize two separate pinball games.  Graphics are printed on the negative space of each punch out slide for multiple custom themes and inspiration.  Two PinBox 3000 games may be linked together for two player Battlemode!  1 hour assembly.  Ages 7 and up with adult supervision recommended.   Tilt the Future! 


  • 12 die cut slides containing 39 essential parts
  • 30 box rivets 
  • 12 rubber bands
  • three marbles
  • one hook tool, one mini pencil, one hole puncher
  • die cut extra parts for classic pinball layout
  • Assembly guide (real-time assembly video at

Shipping notes:  Standard shipping is 7 days, Express is NOT AVAILABLE.   The PinBox 3000 arrives in an eco-friendly plain box that is the reverse of our retail graphic box.  Thank you for your understanding.